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  • Will I know when someone watches my iDecide?

    Yes! You’ll be notified when they start to watch it, and again when they make choices in the presentation.

  • Can I get notifications by text?
    Yes! You can choose text or email notifications

  • Can I spam?
    In a word- NO! You can have your account terminated without refund.

  • How are iDecide presentations sent?
    Text, email, Messenger… any way you like!

  • Can I choose to receive text notifications on some, and email notifications on others?
    Yes! You make that choice for each presentation you send.

  • Our Sales Representatives have their own replicated website to track their sales. Can iDecide Custom send viewers to the correct sites?
    Yes! One of the most unique features of iDecide Custom is that we can send viewers to each individual sales rep’s replicated site, WITHOUT having to rebuild the presentation each time. You tell us how your link is structured, your reps enter their information, and the presentation does the rest!

  • What if I have an idea for the presentation that isn’t listed on your features page?
    Not to toot our own horn, but if you can dream it, we can probably build it. With iDecide Custom, our talented graphic design team will work directly with your presentation to try and accommodate any cool feature or design aspect you can think of.

  • How is iDecide Custom different from the iDecide Assist?
    Both products are built by members of our team. However, iDecide Assist is limited to the myiDecide Platform, while iDecide Custom is built using our advanced technology  to fully customize everything in your presentation- down to the animation of each individual letter! Custom presentations support interactive features like referencing the viewer’s choices later in the presentation, interactive calculators, live websites, and more! Check out the Pricing tab for a complete breakdown of features offered in each product.

  • I want to use iDecide Custom to create a survey. Is that possible?
    Yes! With iDecide Custom you can tailor notifications to include whatever you’d like, so you can see the viewer’s answer to every question and compare overall feedback with our Analytics Package.

  • What is included in the Analytics Package?
    You will receive login information to see user and presentation performance. You’ll also be assigned a Partner Success Manager for monthly analytics reviews to help understand your data and recommend edits based on your analytics to keep your presentation performing its best! 

  • How does iDecide know what to include in my script if I pay for Scriptwriting?
    Once you purchase the Scriptwriting Package, you’ll be asked to upload any company assets that will help us build your presentation. This can include a PowerPoint you’re currently using, a video of your best sales rep giving a presentation, websites, anything! Then we’ll schedule a “Coaching Call” with one of our scriptwriters so you can walk us through your company, vision and goals for the presentation. Once it’s complete we’ll send it to you, then implement any edits you may have! 

  • What if I’m not happy with the design of the presentation?
    We’re so confident that you’ll love your presentation that we guarantee it! We’ll make any edits to the look of the presentation for FREE until you’re happy.

  • What if I have edits to the presentation down the line?
    We can easily make any requested edits and charge based on a reasonable hourly rate. Please speak with a member of our sales team for more information.

  • What if my company policies change after the presentation is built?
    The beauty of iDecide is that when you update your presentation, it automatically updates for every rep that is using it AND any links that were already sent. So everyone is seeing the most up-to-date version. We can already hear your compliance team crying happy tears!

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